About MacKinnon Communications Group

Company Overview

MacKinnon Communications Group offers professional services for mediations, arbitrations, negotiations, facilitations and the delivery of impactful skill building training in productive communication and conflict mitigation training.

Company History

MacKinnon Communications Group was founded in 2006. We are founded on the belief that most conflict that we experience in our personal and professional lives is as a result of lack of clarity around what is actually at issue, lack of understanding as to all the perspectives involved and lack of a process that gives everyone input into what solutions are available to move forward to resolution.

Resolving Conflict

We are often asked the meaning of having a picture of geese flying in formation as background on our logo for MacKinnon Communications Group.

Resolving conflict in our lives means understanding that we all bring our own perspectives, skills and talents to the table. Communicating effectively and working together makes the journey easier for all of us. This is the wisdom of geese.