Alasdair MacKinnon

Alasdair has worked in the field of conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation and training for 35 years. Alasdair's first career was with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he dealt daily for over 20 years with individuals and families often involved in high crisis and and high conflict situations. While serving in the RCMP,  Alasdair was trained in interest based negotiations.  He also completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.  Alasdair served for 5 years on a First Nations Reserve in northern Alberta and spent 4 years on a RCMP Public Relations unit.

Alasdair then spent 10 years with the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB), working in environmental compliance in the agricultural sector.  Alasdair was called upon to mediate between farmers, neighbours and municipalities.

Alasdair's B.A. is from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick and he completed his Certificate in Conflict Management in Mediation and Negotiation with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta (ADRIA).  Alasdair also completed his Certificate in Arbitration with ADRIA and his Certificate in Environmental Management with the University of Calgary.

Alasdair founded MacKinnon Communications Group in 2006 offering conflict resolution services of mediation and arbitration as well as facilitation services.  MacKinnon Communications Group offers a wide range of staff training in leadership, conflict mitigation and collaborative communication.  Alasdair is the past Chair of the Alberta Family Mediation Society and is currently serving on the Board for ADRIA.  He is a nationally recognized Chartered Mediator and a nationally recognized Registered Family Mediator through Family Mediation Canada. Alasdair also holds the national designation of Qualified Arbitrator (Q. Arb.) through the ADR Institute of Canada. Alasdair is a contract instructor in leadership, communications and conflict mitigation at Red Deer College, Olds College, ADRIA and with the Red Deer Public School District Community Program.

Alasdair has completed well over 900 mediations ranging from divorce and family issues, workplace, small business and farm matters, to succession planning and shareholder issues. Alasdair leads a variety of custom made training workshops for businesses and non profit groups on a wide range of subjects pertaining to personal and workplace conflict and communication matters. Alasdair also routinely presents at professional, industry and non profit conferences on engaging topics pertaining to the art and science of conflict and communication.