Alasdair Gordon MACKINNON


Alasdair has worked in the field of mediation, negotiation and arbitration for over 35 years. 

Alasdair holds the national designations of Chartered Mediatior (CM), Registered Family Mediator(RFM) and Qualified Arbitrator (QArb).      

Alasdair has a B.A. Degree from Mount Allison University and is currently a Candidate for a M.Ed. Degree with Yorkville University.  He has a Certificate in Environmental Management from the University of Calgary. 

Alasdair has successfully completed well over 1,200 mediations and arbitrations.

 Alasdair had a career of over 20 years with the RCMP and received training in interest based negotiations.  He dealt daily with people in crisis situations. 

Alasdair served in the RCMP in central Alberta and in indigenous communities in northern Alberta. 

Alasdair also worked for over 10 years in the NRCB involved with environmental issues in the agricultural sector.    

Alasdair provides workshop training for a variety of industries and organizations in conflict mitigation, communication and leadership training.