Valuable Training


Every great work team has skilled, passionate leadership and motivated and trained staff. Effective, clear collaborative communication and the ability to move beyond issues of conflict is essential in any group.

Giving your leadership, management team and your staff training in effective colloborative communication and conflict mitigation is an investment in increased staff retention, morale and customer service satisfaction.

MacKinnon Communications Group offers tailor made conflict resolution and team communication training packages. Contact us for a free consultation of your training needs.

Upcoming Events:

Building Communication, Sales and Leadership Skills Training Program

Building Communication, Sales and Leadership Skills Training Program is designed for companys and organizations who want to move their people and enterprise to the next level of communication, leadership, accountability, mentoring and conflict mitigation skills.  This skills based training, instructed in the classroom by Alasdair MacKinnon, is custom designed for the needs of your company and is held over a 3 or 4 days of training and involves a total of 21 to 28 hours of training.  The participant's are evaluated through homework submitted to the instructor as well as in class evaluation of skill acquisition. 


1. Improved workplace and communication skills.

2. Development of interest based conflict mitigation skills.

3. Enhancement of leadership skills through the development of emotional intelligence and self awareness. 

4. Acquisition of workplace coaching/mentoring skills.


All About Communication Day (7 hours) :

-Understanding the crucial role of productive workplace communication

-Learning our individual communication style and understanding the style of those around us

-Developing a suite of communication skills and engaging in small group practice of those skills  


All About Conflict Mitigation Day (7 hours):

-Learning about the anatomy of conflict

-Learning our individual style of engaging in conflict and those around us

-Learning about interest based conflict mitigation and engaging in small group practice of those skills


All About Leadership and Professionalism Day (7 hours):

-Understanding the components of emotional intelligence

-Learning what servant leadership is all about

-Understanding the crucial elements of trust and respect in exercising leadership


All About Workplace Coaching and Mentorship Day (7 hours):

-Learning how to build skill capacity of those around us

-Understanding the dynamics of workplace teams

-Learning the value of workplace mentorship and knowledge transfer



The training fee:

$150.00 dollars plus GST per attendee per day for 12 to 15 trainees.

 $135.00 dollars plus GST per attendee per day for 16 to 19 attendees.

The training manual is required and is $30.00 dollars plus GST.   


Certificate of Course Completion for the program issued to successful attendees.   

 This Training Program is Eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.